His Eminence Trulku Ugyen Drodrul Thinley Kunchap Rinpoche

About Terton Drukdra Dorji

We╩╝re raising £30,000 to Help Feed and Educate Young Novice Monks in Bhutan from Disadvantaged Backgrounds

Who Are We?

The Pel Drukdraling Foundation was established in 2015 as part of promoting "Gross National Happiness" and preserves and promotes the culture and heritage of the country of Bhutan and improves social welfare and community vitality through humanitarian projects and education.

The activities of the Pel Drukdraling Foundation are guided by the Buddhist principles of compassion and wisdom. The Foundation seeks to promote and strengthen human values with a sense of spirituality that fosters universal peace and harmony. The foundation’s primary purpose is to support disadvantaged communities and their most vulnerable members, ranging from young children to elderly citizens both in Bhutan and neighbouring areas. Specific aims include promoting youth education, skills training and employment opportunities, and drug and alcohol counseling, and providing support for basic medical needs.

The Pel Drukdraling Foundation’s current focus is on the provision of education for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Building upon historical cultural values of educating children in a monastic environment, the Foundation seeks to provide financial support for the education of twenty-five young monks from impoverished rural areas in Bhutan. The foundation has been generously granted the land and support for the construction of the monastery from the local community. This fundraising campaign focuses only on providing for the day-to-day costs of the young monks themselves and and their teachers and support staff.

What Will Your Donation Pay For?

All donations raised during this campaign will be used to pay for the daily costs of the monks and the small staff of the monastery providing their education. This includes educational materials like books, supplies, and teaching aids as well as food, clothing, healthcare, and travel support for home visits. The estimated monthly cost for each monk is 72 GBP, which includes the cost of support staff.

The total 30,000 GBP for this campaign represents enough to fund one year of the monk’s education and support, minus the portion retained by Justgiving. Remaining funds will be used for maintenance of the monastery and to further the foundation's community activities.

The Pel Drukdraling Foundation is a registered civil society organization in Bhutan. Civil society number: CSOA/PBO-44

To donate please visit the Just Giving page at www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/bhutanmonks