The Foundation's objectives shall be to:

  • Preserve and promote the culture and heritage Bhutan;
  • Develop strategies for mobilising resources to support the foundation along with their disadvantaged children and elderly community, in and around the country;
  • Provide education and health services to the communities;
  • Undertake charitable and humanitarian projects within the scope of the Foundation's plans and programs;
  • Provide support to any individual aspiring to undergo neccessary counselling and consultant to engage in active practice of the wisdom for the betterment of the society and the world at large etc.;
  • Organize and arrange programmes where His Eminence will bestow counselling and advices(words of wisdom) that will inspire and motivate people to appreciate, understand and realize the values of culture and tradition to live a meaningful lives;
  • Engage in raising funds by accepting and receiving grants, donations in cash or kind or financial assistance from domestic and external sources;
  • Provide support for maintenance and sustenance of the charitable centres to enable all sentient beings to live in peace and harmony;
  • Build networks with individuals and organizations with similar interests to find ways and means to bring about unity, peace and harmony both nationally and globally to achieve the main; especially, to achieve the Gross National Happiness objective of the nation